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The Royal Bodyguard Dim Mak Series, an esteemed martial art with deep historical roots dating back to the 4th Emperor of China, is set to continue its legacy on November 18th, 2023. This event will take place at Cloud Forest Martial Arts Headquarters, located at 719 West Gate City Blvd, Greensboro, NC. Known for its rich heritage, the Royal Bodyguard Dim Mak system was traditionally shrouded in secrecy, initially passed down within specific Chinese affiliated associations before becoming more widely accessible.

Grandmaster Chao Yu Feng, a key figure in the history of this martial art, established Cloud Forest Martial Arts and the Cloud Forest Association in the late 1960s. His story is marked by remarkable resilience, particularly during his time as a Prisoner of War. Despite enduring torture and losing the ends of his fingers for refusing to divulge information, he remained steadfast. His perseverance was recognized by the Taiwanese government, which awarded him the directorship of a martial arts sports athletic club.

The legacy of Grandmaster Chao was entrusted to his last disciple, Sifu Kash, who holds a PhD in Chinese Medicine and is a friend and student of Wong Ark Yuey. Sifu Kash then passed the lineage to Michael Johnson, Shi Fu, who holds the distinction of being the 38th Generational lineage holder of this ancient art.

In his role, Michael Johnson Sifu brought the Royal Bodyguard system into collaboration with the Dragon Society International. Under the mentorship of Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker, President of the Dragon Society, they explored the scientific underpinnings of the system's movements. This partnership revitalized the Royal Bodyguard System, underscoring its effectiveness as a Dim Mak system, an art form traditionally reserved for the elite guards of the Emperor's private chambers.

With the involvement of Rick Moneymaker, Michael Johnson Sifu is now taking the Royal Bodyguard system on a national tour, aiming to preserve and disseminate this unique martial art. The upcoming workshop at Cloud Forest Martial Arts Headquarters is not just an opportunity to learn a martial art; it's a chance to be part of a living history, to engage with a discipline that has been preserved and passed down through generations, and to honor the legacy of those who kept it alive through times of adversity.